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Private Montessori Preschool in Burlington

Licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Burlington Montessori Preschool is a privately owned institution in Burlington. We have been in operation since 1988 and our experience has helped us design better curriculums for children. Our goal has always been to provide a child with wholesome development. We educate children in an atmosphere that is calm, secure and happy. 

Each Montessori school differs in various aspects. The philosophy and methods are renowned internationally, although daily routine, extracurricular activities and student expectations are usually unique to each school. As a Montessori school, our philosophy is to provide each child with an atmosphere that nurtures the love for learning. Our classroom offers experiences through the use of Math, Language, Sensorial and Practical Life Skills to help children learn while having some fun. We understand that each child has unique needs that can be met only through careful planning of activities, which is what we offer at our preschool.

The Whole Child

At our preschool, we strive to provide the kids with an environment that promotes coexistence while accelerating individual learning. This environment creates an atmosphere where all facets of the child are developed. These include emotional well-being, social skills, academics and personal achievement. As a result, the child becomes confident and can achieve success through the use of the prepared·materials.

The Montessori Environment

Montessori offers a prepared environment, which promotes an exciting and stimulating approach to academics and personal growth. The children work toward the development of self-esteem, coordination, independence and concentration. The children are encouraged to participate in art, music, language (French) and group activities. We also offer a wide range of computer experiences.

Choosing a Montessori Program

We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of every child through the use of Montessori equipment under the guidance of trained staff. Although renowned internationally, each Montessori school differs in various aspects like daily routine, extracurricular activities and student expectations. It is suggested that you visit the Montessori schools in your area to ensure that the program you choose is appropriate for your child. Burlington Montessori has two locations in Burlington, serving the needs of the community, namely Millcroft and Downtown.

The Role of the Directress

Our caring staff takes the needs of each child into account at the start of each day and works with the child accordingly. The Directress creates a space where the child feels secure and confident. The mutual respect between the child and the Directress is of great importance to ensure a positive learning environment. Contact us to meet our staff and learn more about us.

The Montessori Apparatus

Burlington Montessori Preschool offers a unique apparatus for enabling an enriching learning environment for the kids. Each area of the classroom is home to specialized materials that focus on various skills and concepts. The materials are designed to be inviting, level-appropriate and stimulating. The materials refine the senses preparing the child to possess an open mind to learning.


Gift Your Child the Right Learning Environment

Every child is capable of achieving tremendous success if their potential is explored by giving them a nurturing environment.

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