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Nurturing Your Child’s Body and Mind With Our Casa Program in Burlington

At Burlington Montessori School, we believe in a solid philosophy that says, "Childhood is a time of life for growing and learning. Childhood should be filled with joys, friendships, success, and independent growth." Our Casa program offers a prepared environment for children from 2 to 5 years of age. The environment consists of the areas of Practical Life Skills, Mathematics, Sensorial Experiences, Language and Cultural Experiences which inspire the child's love for learning.


We encourage the child's concentration and independence through the use of Montessori equipment which is crafted for the personal growth and development of our Burlington kids.

Learning in a Friendly Atmosphere

Our programs are designed keeping in mind the overall development of the child. The Casa program provides opportunities to participate in new learning experiences and is available to everyone. The atmosphere in our centres is relaxed and friendly. The children are free to work with the materials they choose to promote their sense of responsibility and independence. This also helps children to explore their creative sides and promotes a wholesome development. Children are also allowed to participate in a variety of other activities such as Drama, French, Music, Computer, Art and Group activities.


Music, Dance, Drama and More

Our lessons are designed with activities like dance, drama, music, art, and other group activities so that your child learns while having fun.

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