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Tailored Preschool Programs for Your Child in Burlington

Burlington Montessori Preschool provides children with the opportunity to experience the joys of learning. We believe that children achieve academic and personal success through individualized programming which is why we offer specialized programs for the Burlington kids.

We provide a warm and caring environment so that the kids feel comfortable. Our staff is dedicated to nurturing the child, not just academically but emotionally too. We offer different programs to meet the needs of each child and encourage children to participate in new learning experiences. We have programs for children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age. We have 2, 3 and 5 Day Programs along with the half-day and full-day programs to suit the needs of your child. We also have Full Day Junior and Senior Kindergarten available.

Overall Growth and Development

Burlington Montessori Preschool provides the fundamentals of language, mathematics, sensorial, practical life and cultural experiences. We offer opportunities for kids to participate in drama, music, french, computer and group activities. We encourage the child's concentration and independence through the use of Montessori equipment. This promotes their sense of responsibility and independence. We invite you to come out and visit our schools, learn about our programs and meet our staff.


A Wholesome Environment

Our wholesome environment consists of activities that focus on the overall growth of your child and inspire a love for learning.

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