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Early Childhood Education in Burlington

Children learn better in aesthetically beautiful environments that are designed specifically to make them feel comfortable to draw out their true potential. At Burlington Montessori Preschool, we focus on developing such environments and activities. Our hands-on activities ensure that children learn in the modality that is most suited to their developmental level. We provide children with the opportunity to grow in an environment that fosters independence, creativity, success, coordination, concentration, and self-esteem. Schedule an appointment to learn about our different programs.

Our Philosophy

We believe that childhood is the best time for growing and learning. Childhood should be filled with joys, friendships, success and independent growth. We believe that each child is unique as an individual and should be guided through learning at a personal level. Every child is competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. We believe that a child can be successful in all he chooses when given the positive reinforcement to attempt new and challenging experiences.

Our Program

We offer a program to meet the needs of every child through the use of Montessori equipment and the guidance of specially trained staff. The children work towards the development of self-esteem, coordination, independence and concentration. As the children explore the experiences our Montessori school offers, their ability to make appropriate choices, work cooperatively and self-regulate is fostered. The children are encouraged to participate in art and music activities, group activities and a French program. We also offer a wide range of computer experiences.


The children at BMP have the opportunity to learn about their environment and community during theme-based activities and field trips. Our school is your child's home away from home. Our environment promotes a safe, secure and positive place for your child to grow as an individual as well as be recognized as an important contributor to the group.


Our staff is warm and caring. They take the needs of each child into account at the start of each new day.


 While applications are accepted throughout the year, the admissions process for the next academic year formally begins early in the new year and ends in early spring.

Interested parents may complete the “ Connect to Build Your Child’s Future” survey found under the Contact Us tab on our website, The administration will contact you to discuss program options for your child and arrange a time for a school tour.

          -  2023/2024 Tuition Fee Schedule

          -  Application - Available Upon Request

Parent Handbook

For more information about us, download our Parent Handbook which contains important information about our programs, policies, and procedures.

Connect with us on our website and Facebook.

 Admission Documents


We Have Two Locations

Schedule an appointment with us to meet our staff and learn more about our different programs.

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